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1 Month Yoga Membership - New Student Trial

This is a one-month trial membership for new students.

The Works - Reiki + Pendulum + Crystal Grid + Smudge + Aromatherapy Oil Pull

This package of 4 unique kinds of energy healing wukk lighten you up physically, mentally, and emotionally. Using the ancient healing tools of Reiki, crystals, smudging, and the pendulum will help you body, mind, and emotions feel relaxed and at ease.

Reiki 4-Pack: 4 Session Reiki

Gift yourself (or someone else) a 4 session Reiki package. This package must be used within 12 months.

4 Pack - Yoga or Life-Coaching Sessions

Package includes four one hour yoga or life coaching sessions with Lola. Expires after 1 year.

Private Coaching Package

Ayurveda Consult and follow up

Each of us are different - so, it only makes sense that the rules we follow in terms of health are different for each of us. If we are unbalanced in any aspect of our body/mind environment, we are naturally unbalanced everywhere. Ayurveda gives us a chance to live an optimized life by learning how to eat, drink, sleep, and exercise for our body type! As part of this consultation, Dr. Lola collects a great deal of information from you and analyzes it to work with creating the optimum diet, lifestyle and exercise routine suited to YOUR body type as per Ayurveda. First we rebalance unbalanced elements, then work on what needs to be done for you to stay in balance - permanently. You receive detailed information about what is best for you, along with a full diet plan, any recommended herbals, and much more. 2 one-hour appointments and one email or telephone follow-up after consultation within the first 30 days.

4 Pack Plus - Nutrition and Herb Consultation Package

Includes pre-assessment based on information contained in forms and go-forward plan, plus four one hour in-person consultations. This information packed package includes five appointments with Lola and two email follow ups. Lola spends 4 outside hours putting together specialized nutritional, herbal, and other information just for you. Package expires 12 months after purchase.

Fertility, Food & Fitness with Lola

Boost your fertility naturally! Package is for four hours of coaching, two of which are geared towards nutrition and herbals. (Lola spends at least 3-4 hours outside of sessions creating personalized plans specialized just for you.) Receive personalized nutritional guidance and herbal suggestions designed to help boost fertility, along with some fertility tricks and exercises. You'll learn the proper foods to eat, the best kinds of exercises to do to strengthen the reproductive system, and stress relieving techniques so relaxation can take place, along with herbs and tricks and tips that may help lead to a successful pregnancy outcome.